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Thank you for agreeing to participate in the Online TV Panel. Please read the information below, paying attention to the two check boxes, and enter your Name, Address and Registration Key before clicking Submit.

Numeris (“we”, “us”) would like to thank you for agreeing to participate in the Numeris Online TV Panel. This letter confirms you and your household’s agreement to participate in the Online TV Panel (the “Panel”) and outlines our mutual obligations. As part of the Panel, we will be providing your household with an electronic metering device called a FocalMeter (“Meter”). The Meter will only measure your household’s online consumption of video content from select broadcasters (the “Inclusion list”). A complete and updated Inclusion list of the currently selected broadcasters, subject to change, is available at The Meter will provide this data (“Data”) electronically to Numeris to allow us to measure video consumption from the devices connected to your household network (e.g., computers, smart phones, tablets).


By providing your consent, you and each member of your household acknowledge that you have read, understood and agree to the terms of this letter.


The personal information we collect:

  • As indicated above, we will collect Data on your household’s online consumption of video content from broadcasters on the Inclusion list, including device and platform used to access the video content, program information (program, season, episode, initial TV airdate, and time of broadcast) and broadcaster information (Network ID).
  • We will be gathering the following household device information through the Meter: device ID1, MAC address2 and IP address3, in order to measure your online TV viewing.
  • The Meter will not:
    • Monitor any internet usage, other than to video consumption from sites identified on the Inclusion list;
    • Access any files or content on your devices; and
    • Log or record keystrokes, logins or password information.
  • We have gathered the following personal information about you and your household by phone during our recruitment process: name, home address, phone number, home language, age and sex of each household member, household size, email address, number of TV sets in the home, devices that can play video, internet access, internet provider, hours spent on the internet, and access to streaming services.
  • We may send an additional questionnaire to gather further personal information which will be clearly detailed on the questionnaire.
  • We will use your personal information only for the purpose of measuring online video consumption via devices connected to your household network. In order to produce the video consumption measurement, Numeris may share your personal information with its subcontractor, Kantar Media UK Ltd.
  • Your personal information will be securely stored in Canada by Numeris.
  • Your information will be combined with that of other panelists and all personally identifiable information will be removed. We only report about groups of people, not individuals.
  • We employ other companies to provide the following services: delivery of our mailings, processing of payments, and for data processing. We will ensure that:
    • access to your information will be limited to only what is required to perform these services; and
    • they are bound by contract not to disclose or use your information for any other purposes and must comply with our Privacy Policies.

We promise that:

  • Your participation is confidential.
  • We will never disclose names, addresses or phone numbers of panel members, nor will we ever sell your personal information to a third party, provide it to our members and licensees or include it in our rating service.
  • We will never try to sell you anything.
  • You can leave the Panel anytime.
  • We will reward you for installing the Meter in your household:
    • Your household will receive $20 per month for participating in the Panel.
    • You will be eligible for weekly, monthly, and special draws.
  • We will respond as quickly as possible when you call us with any questions or problems on the toll-free number provided.


I promise to:

  • Ensure that each member of the household is aware of and consents to the collection and use of their personal information in connection with the Panel.
  • Ensure that any person who is not a member of the household is informed of, and consents to, the collection and use of their personal information in connection with the Panel prior to being allowed to connect to the household’s network.
  • Contact Numeris when my household grows, gets smaller, or when there is a problem with the Meter.
  • Tell Numeris if I am an employee of a radio or television broadcaster, advertising agency, or other media company, or if I become one in the future.
  • Keep my participation in the Panel confidential and not reveal my participation to any radio or television broadcaster, or on any social networking sites. If I reveal my participation, I may be removed from the Panel.
  • Return the Meter to Numeris when I leave the Panel.

1 A device ID (device identification) is a distinctive number associated with a smartphone or similar handheld device.

2 MAC Address stands for "Media Access Control Address". It is a hardware identification number that uniquely identifies each device on a network.

3 The Internet Protocol (IP) is the method or protocol by which data is sent from one computer to another on the Internet. Each computer on the Internet has at least one IP address that uniquely identifies it from all other computers on the Internet.

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